Monday, January 22, 2007
  • Maintainable Code - Another great post by Jeremy Miller.  I love to optimize code, I find it quite enjoyable to take a bit of code and tweak the last few cycles out of it.  I know, however in the process, I've made my code hard to maintain for a not so beneficial gain.  I'm striving to focus more and more on making my code more maintainable and Jeremy adds another fine post to move me closer to that goal.
  • Performance Iterating Generic Lists - well in seemingly contrast to the above link, here is a post on an optimization.  I absolutely love generics and have found the use of anonymous methods beneficial in making my code more maintainable (at least to me), so I'm happy to see that my prefered technique for iterating through those generic lists in some cases (#3 List.ForEach method with a delegate) is at least not the slowest.
  • I was working today on making some changes to a website for a client today.  These changes involved some enhancements to the login and password maintenance routines.  This stuff was hacked together years ago in 1.0 (upgraded to 2.0, but the code has changed little) and while it has worked fine for many years, it is not the prettiest code.  I tried to incorporate the membership providers into this site with no luck.  Was receiving an OutOfMemory Exception while it was parsing the provider section of the web.config. No solution could be found so after a few hours of trying to solve it, I needed to move on.  I will have to create a test site from scratch and see if I can get a handle on the provider stuff before trying to hook it back into the existing site.
  • Error handling in PowerShell - Nice little post about topic that is not documented very well. 
  • Well it's coming time for a new computer.  While my main machine (my laptop) is working just fine and still has a few good years left in her, my desktop, which is more of my non-work / gaming / wife's machine is in need of an upgrade.  I'll hand my current desktop over to my kids and get a nice new shiny one for myself (and of course my wife!)  I don't think I'll go the route of my buddy Dave, but I'll be interested in hearing how he likes it once it comes.
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