Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Here we are at the start of another new year.  My parents told me when I was just a young lad that time went faster as you got older, how right they were.  Let's look back at a few personal highlights of 2007.

  • Number one on my list:  My continued faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  As any believer, I've faltered throughout the year, but my faith continues to carry me through. 
  • A very close second:  15 years of marriage to a wonderful woman.
  • A very close third:  Another year spent with my four awesome children.

Now some more business / technically related highlights:

  • Started off the year finishing up a fairly large web app, that while it was mostly completed early in the year, has just now in the last two months been launched live.  The delay sprung from mostly marketing timing and issues and some last minute changes from the client.  So far while traffic is light (limited number of existing customers, so not a public site), things seem to be going well.
  • Come June, we landed a huge project that while it was only supposed to last through June, ended up last though October.  This was an open-ended project (basically they called us in to finish up a project that was a bit in trouble)..they anticipated only a months worth of work, but it was quite a bit larger than that.  We still go in sporadically now, but there is some potential for another fairly large project with them that could take us well into 2008.
  • Finishing up another large web application now, hopefully to be completed by end of January. 
  • I recently opened an office with a collegue of mine.  This is really just a place to get away and stay focused.  Anyone who works from home can testify that it can be a distraction at times, especially with children.  My home isn't large enough to have an office I can really go to that can be closed off from the rest of the home (I have to wait until the kids leave the house, which is quite a few years off).  This office away from home has helped gain me a few extra productive hours each week.

Goals for 2008, most fairly typical, I hesitate to call them resolutions though:

  • Become a better husband and father.  Spend more quality time with my family while not taking away the quality time I give my clients.
  • Become a better football coach.  I coach youth football.  2007 was my first year coaching flag (been coaching tackle up to this point).  All boys were 1st and 2nd graders so it was quite the challenge, but I had more fun this year then I did all the years coaching the older boys.  2008 I will be with the flag teams again this year so I'm looking forward to the fall for that.
  • Continue to grow my business while still taking care of my existing clients.  Getting to the point where I need to find an employee or two.
  • Find that one product to develop that may not make me a billionaire, but will at least give me an area of focus to move in that direction (yes I dream large).

I'm sure there will be plenty of surprises (some good some bad) in 2008, but that is what makes life interesting.  Best wishes to everyone in 2008.


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