Sunday, January 22, 2006

Yes, book #3 (The Hawkline Monster) is completed already, since this was a short one coming in under 200 pages this only took a few nights before bed and a few mornings over the cereal bowl to knock this one out.  I must say this was not a book I really enjoyed.  The only reason I really kept moving through it was the sheer shortness of it and the speed I was moving through.  The book is written in a very juvenile manner that is really quite annoying, in fact, I would rather have read my sons picture books. 

The story itself wasn't bad, though there was a bit of gratuitous sex that really didn't add much to the plot.  Had the story been written by a better author, it could have potential to be quite a story, however, I just could not get past the writing style.  There was little character development and plot turns and twists that seemed to go nowhere for no good reason.  Just a strange, strange book.

I know this author has quite a following and judging by some of the reviews on Amazon, it appears that this was considered one of his better books (though perhaps not his most famous) but this is just not my style of story and I while it showed promise, it just wasn't something that I enjoyed.  I give this a 3 out of 10;  one point just for the briefness and two points for the main plot line that could have been interesting.

Next up.... something more interesting I hope.

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