Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who doesn't enjoy a quick snack before bed.  Well here is my attempt at what everyone else seems to be trying.  A few quick snippets of information, links, thoughts, ... whatever, more or less as often as I can.

  • I may be a bit behind, but I've finally starting working with Enterprise Library from Microsoft.  Specifically the Data Access Block.  I'm really diggin it.  I'm just now scratching the surface, but it didn't take very long to take a fairly large ASP.NET project I'm working on and converting all my data access to use it.  I'll probably blog about it more eventually. 
  • Speaking of the Enterprise Library and application blocks in general, I need to check out some of the other blocks and see what I can use and where.  I'm really intrigued by the Smart Clients blocks
  • I've also started playing with PowerShell.  Again, perhaps I'm late to the party, but I guess better late than never.  Scott Hanselman has been talking about for quite a while and is quite the proponent, so I figured I needed to take a look for myself.  So far so good...learning curve seems big, but lots of potential.
  • Been using the Emergent Task Planner from David Seah for the last week...and I must say, putting things down on paper is very conforting to me.  I always did prefer to write things down, but as an IT consultant, I always feel like I should be using something electronic, seems a little "dirty" to me to be using paper...but I like it!


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