Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let's get right to it:

  • I've seen this around before (I think I may have even installed it once to try it out), but one of my goals this year is to focus a bit more on writing.  Darkroom may just help me out with that.  I'm easily distracted and that is probably my main reason for not writing more.
  • Managing Processes in Powershell.  I'm just now getting into powershell so I'm reading up just about everything I can find.  Good examples on the flexibility and power of PowerShell.
  • Using Anonymous Methods - I for one love anonymous methods.  I use them quite a bit and have been meaning to write up something a bit more elaborate...here is a quick and simple post on a good usage of anonymous methods.
  • One Stop Shipping Tracking  - Nice service here to track all your shipments from different carriers.  Also some nice tools to estimate shipping charges.  Might be handy if you do a lot of shipping or buying / selling on eBay.
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