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This almost seems to be a running joke around my house.  Just about the only time I update my company blog is this end of year review I do.  To me this is at least useful.  I’ve found that putting my thoughts for the previous year down on the proverbial paper and expressing my hopes for the new year help me get focused, at least in the short term, to start my year off right.  So here we go, I’m sure everyone (at least all two of you) are anxiously awaiting to read what I have to write.


Recap of 2010 (last years post)

  • I wanted to honor God each and every day.  While some days are better than others, I don’t think I’ve forgotten where my blessings flow from. 
  • I wanted to become a better father and husband.  Again, I struggle at times to be patient with my children and to honor and love my wife like she deserves, but I can say that they are the most important thing that God has given to me.  This world can take my house, my car and my dog away, but nothing can never take my family from me.  I love each one of my four children more each and every day.  My wife has become my anchor and her strength and love for me gives me the strength and will to move forward each and every day.
  • I mentioned last year that I had a tool idea that I wanted to develop.  To be honest, I don’t even remember what that tool was.  However, we have in development now a  new product that we plan to market towards our manufacturing clients (at least initially) and then expand beyond that down the road.  I hope to have something to announce on that within the next month or so.
  • Last year I read over 40 books.  This year I hit 50 so I’m quite proud of that.  Not as many work related ones as I would have liked, but nonetheless I’m happy with my achievement. 
  • At the beginning of 2010 (as I’ve done every year), I vowed to blog more.  Well that failed miserable as you can tell. 
  • I wanted to become more reliant and move towards becoming debt-free.  Don’t think I’ve made any progress there unfortunately, however circumstances have dictated that I need to focus on that more and more and my wife and I have made a commitment to strive towards those goals and have begun to make progress on that in the last quarter of 2010.
  • Finally, I wanted to work towards expanding and growing Malachi Computer.  While the first half of 2010 moved slow in this regards, we’ve really begun to make great strides in this area and have picked up a few new clients and a number of new projects in the last quarter of 2010.  We have also begun a heavy push in marketing the business and being more proactive in communicating with our existing clients and reaching out to new ones. 


Where do we headed in 2011? In the past I’ve mixed personal goals and business goals here on this list.  My personal goals change little from year to year, so aside from the first and primary goal of my life, my personal goals will go unstated here.

  • Again, as every year, my primary goal in life and in business is to honor God in all we do.  Conduct our business and life as if we were working for Jesus Christ.  Make my family a priority in my life, for without them, I want little else.
  • I won’t promise to blog more, but look for a new look to the Malachi Computer website and making the blog an important part of our marketing strategy.
  • I’ve also created a new blog that I’m really enjoying writing for.  Not business or computer related, but a topic of importance to me.  I look to move it from it’s current host and make an effort to have it to reach more people.
  • Continue to strive to market Malachi Computer in a number of ways.  We are solidifying the services we offer and moving to be more proactive in marketing those services to new and existing clients.  Our focus this year (and really the last quarter of 2010) was to become the solution provider for our customers.  Our customers have problems or inefficiencies and we want to be there to provide a solution for them.  We are really excited about some of things we are seeing that we can do for our clients and looking forward to expanding that out to our entire customer base and beyond.


2010 was not a great year, but I look and see that I still have my health, my family and I’m still working.  Perhaps business has been slow and things have been tight (but really who hasn’t been in the boat this year?), but we are still blessed beyond comprehension.  I look for 2011, with the grace of God, to be a productive and exciting year.  God bless everyone of you that may read this post and to all my friends, colleagues and clients.  May everyone of you be blessed in 2011!

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